The Caduceus Symbol Tattoo Download
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The Caduceus Symbol Tattoo Download

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Mercury’s (Hermes’) staff is a symbol of the Messenger of the Gods, who is also a guide to the afterlife and protector of all tradesmen, travellers, gamblers and tricksters. The cobination of wings and snakes itself represents freedom and transformative life force while at the same time serving as a good luck charm for any business as well as safe travel.

When you purchase this hand drawn Coat of Arms Tattoo Template you will receive a high resolution PDF with a ready to go outline stencil and fully shaded reference image for your chosen tattoo artist.

Your high resolution PDF can be printed at most sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

Please make sure you ‘download’ or ‘save’ the .pdf file as soon as you receive your download link, the file will only remain available for download for 24 hours.

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